What’s New

01/05/11: Therapists needed:

Our clinic are moving to a bigger premise in civic at the end of this year and will bocome a multidisciplinary natural health care clinic. Any natural health professionals like naturapth, beauty therapist, counsellor, psychologist, osteopath, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, bowen therapist, nutritionist, etc who are interested in joining our team(PT/FT) are welcome to contact Dennis by either phone or email to discuss the detail.

20/07/10: Free consultation for IVF clients:

We offer free consultation to IVF patients who would like to seek Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment. Special offer ends 31/08/2010.

08/06/10: "Keep Fit the Chinese Way--TCM healthcare at home" at CIT Bruce campus again:

An introduction course to basic Traditional Chinese Medicine(T.C.M.). Some commonly used acupressure points, cupping, moxibustion techniques and Chinese massage manipulation will be introduced. Also included will be Chinese food and diet therapy and Chinese herbs. An easy but effective Chinese Qi-gong stretching exercise will be introduced as well. All the skills and knowledge are easy to learn and can be used at home safely and effectively.

Location: CIT Bruce campus

Fee: $130

Time: 6 sessions of 2hrs(6~8pm), 10,17,24,31 Aug & 7,14 Sep,2010

Contact: CIT solutions: (02)62074441 or  cit.solutions@cit.act.edu.au 


01/05/10: Home studio at Harrison:

Dennis offers consultation and treatment at his home studio at Harrison, Gungahlin area for his patients/clients' convenience.

Address: 31 Anchorage street, Harrison.

Time availability: weekdays after 6pm & weekend by appointment only.  


06/04/10: "Keep Fit the Chinese Way--TCM healthcare at home" at CIT Bruce campus:

Dennis taught short course "Keep Fit the Chinese Way--TCM healthcare at home" from 9th, March to 6th, April at CIT Bruce campus. 9 students turned up for this short course and enjoyed learning the basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine(T.C.M.), some easy but effective Chinese treatments which can be used at home for some mior illness. Dennis will run this course again later this year and offer another short course "Chinese massage for couples". Please check the latest CIT solutions website www.citsolutions.cit.act.edu.au and their course pamphlet(CIT solutions will deliever the latest course information to every home in Canberra) for more information.


03/02/10: Visit our stall at "National Multicultural Festival" on 07/02/10, sunday at civic square(near "David Jones"): 

You can get 15% discount to get treatment in our clinic or get free T.C.M. consultation with Dennis. Come to visit our stall and get your bonus. 


01/02/10: Enrol for Dennis' Two T.C.M short courses at CIT solutions:

Dennis' two short courses("Chinese therapeutic stretching" & "Keep fit the Chinese way") will come to CIT solutions, Bruce campus from 9th & 10th, March. Please visit: http://citace.com.au/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Cit.woa/wa/subCategory.shtml?ID=92
or call 62074441 for more details.


14/10/09: Two short courses coming early next year:

Dennis will run 2 short course at CIT solutions, Bruce campus early next year (Feb or Mar?):“Chinese therapeutic stretching exercise” & “Keep fit the Chinese way”. Please contact CIT solutions (www.citsolutions.cit.act.edu.au) at the end of October for more details of these two short courses.


12/10/09: Free demonstration of “Chinese therapeutic stretching exercise”: 

Dennis will do a free demonstration of “Chinese therapeutic stretching exercise” from 12:30-13:30pm on 22/10/09 at Glebe Park. This is a fantastic opportunity to feel the benefit of this exercise which is proved to be effective to prevent and treat muscular-skeletal disorders. Anyone who are interested are welcome.


09/10/09: Clinic rooms for rent: 

Clinic rooms for rent available. All disciplined therapists are welcome. For more detail, please contact Dennis at the clinic.

01/10/09: Free consultation: 

Dennis will offer free consultation to all clients from 01/10/09 
to 30/11/09. Please book in advance to have a 15-minutes TCM/acupuncture consultation with Dennis.